No matter where you are starting, training at Discovery will help you improve all aspects of your life.  Seriously. A stronger, healthier, more confident you will be better at everything you want to do in life. You will become part of a community of amazing people, learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, move better, and get stronger each day.  Our expert coaches guide, counsel, and encourage you every step along the way.

Each class consists of a warm up, skill development, the workout of the day, and a cool down (mobility/accessory work).  We tailor each workout to your specific needs. You’ll work hard, have fun, and gain fitness in a positive environment


Personal Training

Your goals are our goals. Whether you ARE someone who wants individual help LOSING WEIGHT, an executive with a time crunched schedule, an athlete that needs sports specific training, or just plain prefer one-on-one attention, we have you covered.

Many of our clients train with our awesome coaches outside of group CrossFit class. We offer time-efficient 45 minute sessions (one on one or in small groups). Let’s meet up to make a plan customized for you.

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Nutrition Coaching



Phase I – Start Making Positive Changes

In your first two months, you’ll visit with Kelly Barron, DC, set goals, get measured on our state-of-the-art Body Composition Scanner, and build a sustainable nutrition plan.  You will have access to meal plans and a curriculum of nutrition education.

Then you’ll have scheduled meetings with Kelly each month to review progress and make small changes (if necessary) to ensure the plan is working for you.

Phase II – Accountability

This is where most people struggle: maintaining good nutrition for life. In this stage, you’ll meet with Kelly once per month to review goals, get remeasured, and make small tweaks to your plan.

The Accountability Stage is ONLY available to Graduates of Phase I.




  • Initial Consultation & Health Assessment

  • 4 Weeks Customized Meal Plans (with Grocery Lists)

  • Goal Setting

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Handbook

  • Biometric Testing

  • Monthly Follow-Up Visits

  • Weekly Virtual Check-ins

  • Graduate to On-Going Coaching after 2 months ($89/month)

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Your Primary Goal(s)

Nutrition is the literal foundation of happiness, health and fitness.

It is impossible to out-exercise a bad diet. We know better.....and don’t believe in magic, shortcuts or fad diets either. We don’t sell supplements. We sell coaching and mentorship.

Our partner in nutrition is Healthy Steps Nutrition.

This program (like everything else we do here) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, pyramid schemes, no short-term weight loss (and inevitable weight gain).



Real Food Wins!

Real Food Wins!

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Just because you are over 50 does NOT mean it's time to sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons all day.  When you aren't a kid anymore, being healthy and fit is even MORE important. Forever Fit is a functional training program designed to help you build the strength, stamina and flexibility that you need to enjoy life to the fullest.  

We can help you develop the lifestyle habits proven to prevent chronic diseases, build muscle, increase bone mass and make you feel amazing.

From the very beginning, CrossFit Discovery’s motto has been “Forging Lifelong Fitness,” and we really mean it! Join us for a fun, safe, and effective group workout that is specifically designed to keep you doing all the things you love to do for the long haul!


Watch this video for some quick tips on training for a lifetime of health, fitness and vitality from one of our most experienced members, Roni.

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