CrossFit Discovery

Downtown Charleston & Daniel Island

Since 2009, CrossFit Discovery has been making great people even better.  Our expert coaches help you to forge lifelong fitness in Downtown Charleston and on Daniel Island.  We teach you to move better and to take care of your body.  You'll train smart and get better every day.

Since 2009 , CrossFit Discovery has been helping exceptional people in Charleston reach their full potential.

Using safe, effective and efficient programming, our elite coaches help you develop strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance so that you'll be ready for whatever challenges life throws at you! Whether you are fresh off the couch or a long-time competitive athlete, we tailor each workout to you current fitness level so that every workout is as safe and effective as possible. 

Small group and one-on-one Fundamentals Classes run several times each month and are carefully designed to teach you all of the skills that you need to safely and confidently begin training. We are ready and excited to help you start your fitness journey!

In both our Downtown and Daniel Island facilities, our group CrossFit classes are one hour long and are taught throughout the day starting at 5am and ending at 6:30pm Monday-Friday (with an abbreviated schedule on Saturday). With so many class times, there will always be a class that fits perfectly into your schedule!